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Where Can I Find A 28358 Family Dentist?

As one of the most widely respected dental practices in the 28358 area, the team at Smiles Etcetera are committed to ensuring that every dental need is met with the best possible care. Many 28358 dental practices specialize in just one area of dentistry or cater only to a select group of patients. But Dr. Davis and his team at Smiles Etcetera work to offer comprehensive care to patients of all ages.

We Welcome Patients of All Ages

28358 Family Dentist

With over 17 years of experience Dr. Davis and his team are especially sensitive to the needs of younger patients. Dr. Davis especially enjoys working with children and teenage patients, and he’s committed to treating them with sensitivity and respect. By creating a casual, stress-free atmosphere in his office, Dr. Davis is a 28358 family dentist who makes going to the dentist fun!

Our dental professionals at Smiles Etcetera focus on providing top notch care for your infant or toddler’s new baby teeth and are dedicated to monitoring and helping ensure proper development of their teeth as your child grows into adolescence. Dr. Davis is a 28358 family dentist who pays special attention to the development of growing teeth and to providing younger patients with happy, healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Dedicated to Beautiful & Healthy Smiles

As your family’s 28358 all-ages dental practice, Smiles Etcetera emphasizes the prevention of any dental issues before they can develop into bigger problems. In addition to providing a thorough teeth cleaning and keeping track of any tooth decay, our team can strengthen dental enamel by offering specialized fluoride treatments for added cavity protection.  

Call our 28358 family dentist and his team at Smiles Etcetera today for more information on our dental services or to schedule an appointment.


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