Where can I find a Children’s Dentist in Lumberton?

For a children’s dentist in Lumberton, equipped to provide your kids with the gentle, compassionate care they deserve, look to Smiles Etcetera for your pediatric dentistry needs. For almost 20 years, Dr. Davis has been providing quality dental care for patients of all ages, and remains passionate about keeping current with the latest research, technology and techniques in the field. Joined by our warm and caring staff, it’s our goal to make your children’s visits to our office engaging, comfortable and rewarding. One of the most important services we provide for your kids is our preventive dental care program.

Children’s Dentist in Lumberton

Preventive dentistry is a combination of professional oversight, patient education, and personalized treatments designed to reduce the risk for a range of common dental conditions. When it comes to common dental issues, which affect children, cavities take the cake. Four times as common as asthma, cavities rank number one as the most common childhood dental illness. Despite their prevalence they are almost entirely preventable with the help of your children’s dentist in Lumberton. Because cavities develop with inadequate oral hygiene practices, we provide your kids with hands-on instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing—the first line of defense against tooth decay. For concerned parents, we welcome your questions and offer professional recommendations for caring for your children’s oral health early on. We also do our part to educate your kids about the importance of good oral hygiene, providing ongoing oversight and checking on the health of their developing teeth, gums, and jaws. During checkups, professional teeth cleanings are also performed to expertly remove plaque from difficult to reach areas of the mouth.

As your children’s dentist in Lumberton, we can help your kids establish the foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral health. To schedule your next appointment with us, call Smiles Etcetera today!

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