Where can I get a Lumberton Root Canal?

When patients learn that they need a root canal, many become fearful and quite anxious. But this is a very common procedure (15 million are performed each year across the country) with an exceptionally high success rate. Furthermore, it is the most effective way to preserve a natural tooth, which has been compromised by a large cavity, disease or dental injury. If you need a Lumberton root canal, consider giving Smiles Etcetera a call. At our 5-star rated dental practice, Dr. Dan Davis, DMD is a skilled and experienced provider of root canal therapy.

Lumberton Root Canal

As is often the case, a tooth in need of a root canal can cause discomfort and a host of other symptoms. A tooth in need of a root canal can also become infected. When this occurs your pain and discomfort can increase and you can develop swelling of the gums and face. Left untreated, a dental infection can result in tooth loss and even more serious consequences to your overall health. When a root canal therapy is performed, the damaged or infected inner tissues of the tooth are gently removed, the tooth is cleaned and a biocompatible filling material is placed. This not only resolves any current symptoms, it prevents any subsequent reinfections. Once your Lumberton root canal therapy has been completed, the tooth can be fully restored and maintained for years to come.

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